The Blitz: Astros need pitching to be favorites against Boston

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Yesterday on The Blitz, the guys shared their thoughts on where the Astros are now that it’s the All-Star break, and if there is still urgency to acquire a quality starting pitcher through trade. Brad Peacock has been pitching very well this season, but does he have the pedigree to give you confidence in the postseason? Peacock has been in the league for several years, and he has never shown this type sustained success, so that has to give you some reluctance to trust him when games matter the most.

Injuries change everything

The Astros could be in serious trouble if they suffer another significant injury to the pitching staff. If the Astros get another starter, guys like Peacock can go back to the bullpen, and take some pressure off Chris Devenski and the other relievers. Not to mention, Dallas Keuchel has been dealing with injuries all season. Are we just supposed to expect that once he comes back there won’t be any more issues when the playoffs arrive?

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Finally, Fred doesn’t think he would pick the Astros in a playoff series against the Red Sox the way the rosters are currently constructed. The Red Sox have a better pitching staff and that usually wins out in the postseason. Plus, the Astros don’t have to trade a player from their major league roster to get another good arm that can really improve their chances. According to, the Astros have expressed interest in Mets starting pitcher, Jacob deGrom. There is no indication that the Mets would have any interest in moving their star pitcher who is under control for another three years, but you never know.

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