Granato & Raheel References

We have the best listeners in the world and because of the listeners our show is always growing. With this growth we understand that not everyone will get old references from previous shows, so we’ve put together this easy to follow reference guide to old bits, jokes, and randomness from the Granato and Raheel Show with Del!

  • I’m in Love with the Coco – You’ll hear this song everyday during the show. It was introduced to the show after the Astros beat the Yankees in the Wild Card game and celebrated to the song afterwards. Granato also loves singing this sing despite the fact that he’s really not in love with the coco.
  • Netflix and Chill – The popular term made its way to the show when Raheel told Granato about it. John took it to the next level when he asked his daughter if he and his wife could Netflix and Chill one night. Listen to the entire segment by clicking here and forwarding to the 29min mark.
  • Judy Dickinson – Popularized by the famous Male Golfer, Female Golfer, or Food segment, LPGA legend Judy Dickinson was used as a name by Granato and has become a staple on the show with the famous Judy Dickinson Drop.
  • Male Golfer, Female Golfer, or Food – A weekly game hosted by Granato where he asks listeners to identify if a term he says is a male golfer, female golfer, or food. The game is usually played on Thursday at 11:45 am.
  • Texans Creek – A parody of Dawson’s Creek where voice actors recap the Texans week via a 90’s Teen Drama. Catch all the episodes here.
  • Tranz Werk Metal Recycling – Former  sponsor for Del’s bigass question of the day, but John always turns it into a Transgender surgery center.
  • Trickster – The nickname Raheel gave to his wife after she made him take his mother-in-law to her sister’s house one night. Only Raheel is allowed to call her Trickster. Baby Trickster is also a nickname reserved for his daughter.
  • Barry Warner – For some reason the first tweet in the daily show hashtag is always about Hall of Famer Barry Warner.
  • Jackie – Is it a girl’s name or a guy’s name? This is the question we always ask regarding @JGoss1971 and his name.
  • Wesley Snipes – For some reason our listeners keep sending @JohnGranato random pictures of Wesley Snipes.