It’s time to go all-in on the Astros

AP Photo/ David J. Phillip Via: The Mercury News

The Astros keep rolling and A.J. Hoffman thinks it’s time to buy into the hype about the Astros. One thing that has really impressed A.J. is that no single player is having a career season, but the entire team is incredibly solid. Another good sign is that this year’s Astros team is very different when it comes to batting average. The worst regular starter on the team is hitting at least .250 this season.

Fred Faour is not there yet

Fred is not so quick to make any judgements about the team before the calendar gets a little closer to July. The pitching is Fred’s biggest concern with the ball club so far, and he’s not sure if Josh Reddick will be able to continue hitting the ball this well for the entire year. Finally, another starting pitcher is something that would make a big difference when it comes to backing the Astros as a legit World Series contender.

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