MLB THE SHOW 18 is now out!!


Your team. Your rivals. Your buddies. Your hometown. MLB The Show 18 is for baseball fans like you!

MLB The Show 18 delivers baseball just the way you like it!

Experience the best of baseball in MLB® The Show™ 18!

Home runs, steals, and epic catches – into the action with MLB The Show 18!

Huge roster of past Legends, and current Superstars in Diamond Dynasty!

Hit the field with legends of every era, including Babe Ruth!

Knock out a game of MLB The Show 18 in less than 15 mins!

Still playing The Show 17? Transfer your saves over to MLB The Show 18 and continue Road to the Show and your Franchise!

MLB The Show 18…Dominate the competition on the couch, on the headset, on the Diamond!

Create your own player and take him to stardom!

Customize your own batting stance and insert some swagger!

Hate the (insert local rival)? Dominate them in MLB The Show 18!

Love the ________? Take them to baseball glory with MLB The Show 18!

More homeruns, more epic plays, more classic legends, all in less time!

For those who crave the best of baseball…MLB The Show 18…Welcome to the Show! Rated E for Everyone.

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