Max Kellerman says James Harden is a dead-end player

Image Via: ESPN

First Take’s, Max Kellerman, joined The Usual Suspects and shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight between Terence Crawford and Felix Diaz for the world junior welterweight championship. Max told the guys that he expects Terence Crawford to win the fight which is on May 20th.

James Harden’s game is based on a manipulation of the rules

Max was asked if James Harden has the ability to lead a team to a championship, and he stated that he doesn’t see Harden as having the type of physical traits to make that happen. Max said Harden can’t shoot like Steph Curry, and he doesn’t have the speed of a player like John Wall. In fact, Max feels what Harden does best is using the rules in his favor to get foul shots, and implementing the euro-step. Kellerman continued and said that Harden doesn’t have elite athleticism compared to other NBA players. Finally, Max stated that he thinks Harden is a “dead-end player.” Meaning, he will be good enough to cost you thirty percent of your salary cap, but he will never be good enough to lead a team to a championship.

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