Harden’s Not a Leader and Will Never Win

Ronald Martinez, Getty Images Via: The Undefeated

After reflecting on an embarrassing elimination loss to the Spurs, A.J. Hoffman from the Blitz, shared his thoughts on why Harden and D’Antoni will never be winners. One of the reasons A.J. is so disappointed with Harden is because it seems like he doesn’t care when things are going wrong in a game, or after a huge loss. Another issue with James is he plays like a front-runner. When things are going well he can be unstoppable, but when things get tough, he seems to melt. Finally, James doesn’t care about the optics of being a leader. Harden being spotted at the club hours after being eliminated from the playoffs shows you how much he cares about being a leader. He doesn’t worry about what other people think, including his teammates.

Harden isn’t a guy you want to go to battle with

The real problem with Harden is that you can’t trade him and get equal value, and other free agents don’t want to come play in Houston with him now. If the Rockets can’t get another elite player to play with James they will never win a championship. Lastly, Harden had such a great overall season this year that he may not get any better. If this is the most the Rockets can get out of James, and the team didn’t sniff the finals, where do the Rockets go from here?

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