Carmelo Anthony inches closer and closer to Houston

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July, for some, means fireworks, Independence Day, and BBQ.  For others, like NBA fanatics, July means free agency. And free agency means Woj Bombs.

Early this morning, we got quite the bomb dropped on  us:

Arguably the biggest story in recent weeks has been New York’s worst-kept secret of wanting to move on from Carmelo Anthony and his 2 years/$54 million left on his current deal. Phil Jackson, the mastermind behind his original 5-year, $125 million deal has since been fired. New York has frankly grown tired of Anthony and doesn’t want that massive contract further eating into the buffet that is the Knicks cap space. But make no mistake, Carmelo Anthony is a gifted offensive mastermind who can still get buckets at 33. It’s just a marriage gone sour, and an annulment would be best moving forward.

Now, when discussing potential scenarios referring to Wojnarowski’s earlier tweet, the Rockets and the Knicks are confident that they have the third team in place, capable of adding youth and assets to the deal. The reason there was the talk of a fourth team getting in the mix is because of a particular contract of the third team that was desired by neither Houston or New York. According to additional reports and speculation, said contract could be either Myers Leonard and his $10.2 million, or Moe Harkless and his $10.5 million. This is all under the assumption that Portland is the third team in question.

The Knicks have not budged on their stance in the asking price of Melo. Unwilling to take on older players with large contracts, New York has geared its focus on young players, preferably 25 years or below, and draft picks for assets. Having recently inked guard Tim Hardaway Jr to a $71 million deal and with Kristaps Porzingis already in tow, the shift in that direction makes sense.

Despite the minor holdups, Rockets GM Daryl Morey and all parties involved are working tirelessly to ensure that a deal gets done. Chris Paul will be unveiled to the Houston public on Friday, and getting Carmelo before then would be the icing on the cake. According to New York Daily News, it could come sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned, Clutch City.