The Blitz: Texans should renegotiate Brown’s deal

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Yesterday on The Blitz, Fred and Jermaine Every, who was in for A.J., talked about Duane Brown’s absence from Texans training camp. The Texans reported to West Virginia without their star offensive tackle who was placed on the ‘did not report list’ by general manger, Rick Smith. Brown’s presence at training camp is really not necessary at this point while he is looking for a new contract. Duane is a veteran player that doesn’t need as much time in camp as the younger guys that are still learning their craft. At this point, the Texans are sticking to their philosophy of not giving out new contracts to players with two years left on their deals, and an exception needs to be made in this case. A lengthy holdout can lead to injuries when the season begins, and while there’s no reason to panic this early in camp, you don’t want Brown starting the season without being in football shape. Besides, he’s the only quality tackle on the team, and any success the Texans have this year will depend greatly on Brown’s availability and performance.

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Finally, the Texans should work on a new deal for Brown because he is the best offensive lineman in the history of the franchise, the Texans have plenty of cap room, and the team is very thin on the offensive line. Also, Brown came back from a serious injury last season, and he wants some security in case he gets injured this year. There is no guaranteed money left on his contract, and one injury could get him cut, and out $18 million.

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