The Blitz: Morey has people fooled that he’s great

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Yesterday on The Blitz, Fred and A.J. talked about the 4-year extension Daryl Morey received from the Houston Rockets. The central thought from the extension is that things will remain the same in Houston. As much credit as Daryl gets around the league, the guys consider him to be just an average general manager. The Rockets are rumored to have some big plans for free agency, so why not wait until those moves come to fruition before locking up Morey for another 4 years?

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I don’t think he’s some sort of genius

Does having a strategy of taking a ton of three-point shots qualify anyone as a genius? The team is always competitive, but are the Rockets really progressing each season? The James Harden trade is the only move that has really paid huge dividends for the Rockets, and the only big free agent he signed was Dwight Howard. Finding Kyle Lowry was another great move on his resume, but they didn’t keep him, so it didn’t change life for the Rockets. Morey’s best year was getting to a conference finals in 2015, but the team wasn’t even competitive. While Daryl has been limited in his ability to rebuild the team because the owner won’t let the team tank and bottom out, the guys can’t point to any outstanding players that he has drafted. Chandler Parsons was a good pick several years ago, but it’s not like he stole a player in the draft comparable to Kahwi Leonard or Draymond Green.

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