The Blitz: McEnroe isn’t sexist, it’s just realism

Image via: Yahoosports

Today on The Blitz, A.J. Hoffman and J.T. Barrett, who is in for Fred as he is on vacation, talked about John McEnroe’s comments about Serena Williams being the best female tennis player to ever play. McEnroe went on NPR and said she is an incredible tennis player, but if she played the men’s tennis circuit she would be “like 700 in the world.” A.J. has no problem with McEnroe’s comments and isn’t sure why people are upset about this. He was just being honest and Williams herself has said that she would get destroyed by a top male player.

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Finally, A.J. brings up Ronda Rousey as an example. He doesn’t believe she would be able to defeat a top male MMA fighter, but that doesn’t mean she’s not fantastic at what she does. There are just certain size and strength factors that can’t be ignored.

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