Barkley: Offensively, I put Harden in the conversation with Kobe and Jordan

Image via: TNT YouTube

Charles Barkley joins The Usual Suspects and talks about the Rockets’ performance last night, and says that Houston absolutely changed their strategy in Game 2, despite what the Rockets are saying. Charles also goes on to say the Rockets have more depth and more overall talent than the Warriors. Also, Chuck is very impressed with the offensive explosion the Rockets got out of their role players last night, and he believes Houston has played most of the year like they did in Game 2. He also gives James Harden some high praise when he mentions his name with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Later, Joel gets Charles to admit that his dogs take private flights a couple times of year, so they don’t have to deal with the commercial “riff-raff.” And finally, Chuck talks about some of his regrets and how he wishes he would have retired a couple years sooner because his body was breaking down. He wishes the fans of Houston would have experienced more of his prime seasons. Make sure you check out the full fantastic segment below.

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