Astros seem to consider every prospect untouchable

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The Astros were rumored to have some big deals on the horizon before the trade deadline expired at 3pm CT on Monday. Unfortunately for the Astros fans and Dallas Keuchel, the deadline expired without any big moves being made. The Astros did add pitcher Francisco Liriano, but he’s not expected to change life for the Astros with an ERA over five. Dallas Keuchel made his feelings known yesterday when he told’s, Brian McTaggart, that he was disappointed that the Astros didn’t make any big moves, and several other World Series contenders added some difference-making pieces to their rosters.

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Today on Granato and Raheel with Del, the guys reacted to Keuchel’s comments and shared their thoughts on the Astros coming up empty at the trade deadline. What frustrates many Astros fans the most, is the thought that all these minor league prospects seem to be untouchable in the eyes of Astros GM Jeff Luhnow. Specifically, the Astros should have used former first round pick, Forrest Whitley, to bring in a starter like Sonny Gray. They could have put together a trade package that would have been better than what the Yankees gave up to make the deal. Also, judging by what the Yankees traded away, Houston would not have crippled their farm system by putting a similar package of prospects together and shipping them to Oakland. The Astros not only missed out on the opportunity to upgrade their starting pitching, but the Yankees are better because of the move, and now they have the option to use Gray in the playoffs, possibly against the Astros.

Finally, Keuchel’s comments show the fans that they should be upset by the Astros lack of effort to improve the team, because some of the players clearly feel the exact same way. It seems like the Astros are far more concerned with being a contender every year, than they are with winning a championship.

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