Art Briles should be charged criminally if he knew and said nothing

Getty Images Via: Sporting News

Fred and A.J. discussed the latest lawsuit involving Baylor that claims that football players drugged and raped freshman college students as part of team bonding.  The lawsuit also alleges that a video of the gang rapes was being circulated around the Baylor football team, and states that the players engaged in dog fighting which caused one dog to almost die from the injuries.

Punishing Baylor with a death penalty could be warranted

Punishing the Baylor program now would only hurt the current players and coaches, and they were not a part of the team when these alleged crimes took place. One option could be to punish Baylor and let all the players and coaches move on without any restrictions, similar to what happened at SMU. Finally, the guys state that the person to go after the hardest is former Baylor head coach, Art Briles. Fred says flat out that “it all goes back to what a lousy human being Art Briles is,” and he should be fair game to be brought up on criminal charges for hiding the scandal if he buried the story. There should also be some accountability from the Waco police department, but this lawsuit only tells one side of the story and the truth will eventually come to light. You can read more about the scandal here.

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