A pep talk for the end of football season, Olympics, and more. The update for 2/13.

This Sunday was the first Sunday without football, and I was very sad. This year was less football focused than usual for me – based mainly on the fact that the Texans were a flaming pile of dog poop that I’d unknowingly stepped in. The Texans this season were like when your friend sets you up on a date with a guy and tells you how great he is, only for you to find out that he sells after market car warranties or some shit like that. But, at the very least, I knew the option of football was THERE. Now? It’s February – what are my options? College basketball? Please. I’ll start paying attention in March like the rest of the world. The NBA? What’s the point? The Rockets are going to dominate and then lose in 7 to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. Watch them lose to the Clippers in the first round or something. We do have the new Rugby team, the Houston Sabercats, out at Constellation Field. Also – do you like Roller Derby? That’s a fun time out. Is hockey still going on? I don’t watch it, I can’t ever find the puck. But there are options people!! We can make it to August, I promise you! April is right around the corner and lest we forget the Astros won the World Series. The World Series y’all. Pitchers and catchers report in two days. We can do this. We can make it through the rest of February!  This is definitely a pep talk for myself, but I hope the rest of you can find some peace in it as well.

The Olympics are going on. The only thing good about the Winter Olympics is snowboarding, figure skating, and curling. I don’t know why curling has captivated me like it has. Never have I not understand something so much, and simultaneously been unable to stop watching an event than I have while watching the USA curling brother/sister tandem lose like 85 games (matches?) in a row. They STINK. Anyway, I love this kid who overslept, couldn’t find his jacket, and then said the F word on NBC. This is the embodiment of teenagers. Even where they’re at their very best, they are still hot messes.

Also, this Chloe Kim girl who ALSO won Gold as a teenager. Please settle down, I just turned 30 and have done basically nothing with my life and y’all are making me feel bad about it.

The Westminster dog show also started. Screw these pure bred dogs. Adopt instead!! Just look at this asshole:


This dog actually looks like 100 packs of cotton balls glued onto a robot.

Quote of the Day

“To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. PS: I started reading Harry Potter to baby biscuit, so expect more of these quotes!

Hottie of the Day


adam rippon


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